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What you Should Know About Turmeric

What you Should Know About Turmeric

Turmeric has gained popularity across the world in the recent years and there are thousands of studies conducted to check the impact of turmeric. People in India have been using turmeric for thousands of years and ayurvedic texts mention the use of this amazing herb for many ailments and for general health.

Despite the usual reluctance of the medical community with promotion of natural healing with herbs, not many doctors deny the good impact of turmeric on health.

However, people should be aware of many important things about turmeric before starting use of Turmeric it for its health benefits.

It is the best to take turmeric powder with milk or yoghurt. However, some people might not like the taste of turmeric. It has also been suggested to mix turmeric with honey and cocoa powder in milk. Other option is to use turmeric with sugar and milk. Turmeric tastes better with warm milk.

If you aren’t very happy to use turmeric powder due to its taste or you are just lazy, there are other options available in the market. The labels of Turmeric capsules or tablets should be very carefully checked. Many companies just put turmeric powder in capsules. So, taking 500 mg capsule of turmeric powder won’t be having enough of strength, unless you are taking it for general health for long term.

In majority of cases, 5 grams of Turmeric powder is suggested for daily consumption. In case you have trouble with digestion, you can reduce this quantity to half in the start and gradually increase it.

So, in order to have equivalent of 5 grams of Turmeric powder, you should take 10 capsules per day of 500 mg Turmeric Powder.

Some companies also offer Turmeric Capsules with Curcumin. The main benefit of turmeric is from its extract, Curcumin. In general, turmeric contains between 2% to 3.5% curcumin. Some rare varieties of Turmeric have above 4% curcumin. When you take Curcumin capsules, you can experience greater benefit. However, Curcumin extract is expensive and majority of companies selling supplements will keep very low percentage of Curcumin Extract.

We will discuss Curcumin Capsules in detail in another article on Organic Turmeric.